aina s

Industry’s leading data transimssion accelaration engine based on AI model.

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AINA S - Data transmission optimization software
  •   The AINA (AI Network Accelerator) utilizes an ensemble learning-based network optimization model to perform rapid analysis of transport layer data. By dynamically optimizing network parameters such as network latency, packet loss rate, and packet transmission rate, AINA achieves accelerated and optimized transmission effects.
  •  Cloud-based lightweight deployment, small data sampling, real-time optimization, and rapid inference.
  •   Maximizing transmission efficiency and optimizing transmission quality for internet peer-to-peer links without incurring additional costs.
Performance Characteristics
  • Support for Linux/Windows and Other Server Systems, as well as Mainstream Transmission Protocols such as TCP/UDP/QUIC.

  • Single-Node (Physical or Cloud Server) Deployment, Easy Port Acceleration Configuration, Bypass Server Mechanism, No Kernel Modification, No Need to Upgrade Terminal Programs.

  • Capable of Eliminating Most of the Instantaneous Disturbances Caused by Packet Loss and Congestion in Peer-to-Peer Links, Significantly Enhancing Customer Experience and Quality for Applications such as Gaming, Video and Audio Live Streaming.

  • Effectively Improving the Utilization of Actual Transmission Bandwidth, Potentially Saving Tens of Millions of Operations and Maintenance Costs Annually for Data Centers, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), and Content Providers.

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