The application scenarios include IOT and Industrial IOT

Industry challenges
  •   Real-time working status of network devices and network quality between devices and server even during times without actual data transmission are essential information in IoT scenario.
  •   Products and solutions that can detect and solve network problems ahead of network anomaly and device malfunction are in high demand for industries such as manufacturing, energy, electricity, and government,etc.
  •   The application layer protocols of network devices are mostly industry specific protocols with inconsistent standards, resulting in poor data transmission quality and inter communication between devices and servers.
  •   It becomes common that data synchronization between devices/network nodes and servers should be within milliseconds in many time critical industrial IoT scenarios.
  •   When facing customer complaints and reported network anomaly, unable to determine whether the problem is caused by local network abnormalities or operator lines.
  •   The daily OAM and network inspection for a large network with massive number of devices can be tedious and time-consuming, and almost impossible to avoid human errors.

  Provides holographic view with granular and quantified network information.

  Integrated into existing IOT or IIOT monitor platform to improve equipment and user connection visibility.

  Realtime monitors network data transmission status of equipment and sensors.

  Proactive network patrol enable customer to bring every equipment’s constantly under radar even without constant connection.

  Provides Instant anomaly alert and helps bring the connect back to normal with integrated TCP/UDP accelerator.

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