Interactive game

Real-time interactive gaming environments within the online gaming and cloud gaming and metaverse use cases.

Industry challenges
  •   The packet loss, delay, and network jitter during the transmission of game data between nodes and user terminals have a significant impact on the user experience.
  •   The playability of online games decreases sharply when the network latency exceeds 120ms, and the game becomes unplayable when it exceeds 200ms.
  •   Network optimization services such as SD-WAN and CDN cannot solve the real-time and reliability requirements of dynamic data transmission in gaming.
  •   Client-based game compensation mechanisms cannot function properly in poor network environments.
  •   There is currently no solution for local network abnormalities (artificially created weak network environments) that specifically targets gaming players.
  •   The development of AR, VR, and cloud gaming driven by the maturity of 5G technology puts higher demands on node performance, bandwidth, and network transmission quality.
  •   The globalization of games faces more severe challenges in network transmission.

  By deploying the AINA series of products, dynamic network awareness and flexible optimization can be achieved to reduce instantaneous disturbances caused by packet loss and congestion, improving the transmission quality and efficiency of the entire connection point-to-point. This effectively improves game scenes such as combat, game lobbies, payment, and significantly enhances the player experience by reducing phenomena such as lagging and disconnection.

  • Low resource consumption

    It consumes very little CPU and memory resources (CPU < 3%, memory stable within 30MB); there is no significant increase in bandwidth.

  • Lightweight deployment on the cloud

    One-click deployment on a single end of the node, no need to modify the kernel, easy to manage.

  • End-to-end transmission optimization strategy

    Significantly improves the issue of deteriorating transmission quality caused by local network abnormalities that the current gaming industry cannot solve.

  • Visual monitoring

    By deploying AINA Lyzer, the user experience, transmission status, and optimization effect can be visualized in real-time.

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